Technology Connectors

  • IQDox comes with a range of connectors that allows the user to connect Integration Workflows between your business and those of your partners.
  • IQDox supports all EDI standards including EDIFACT, ANSI X12, HL7 and ROSETTANET.
  • Many of these standards are available in our Resource Repository and can simply be included in your Integration Workflows.
  • If they are not available, then you can build or import schemas and make them available to your integration team to use in the development of their.
  • IQDox allows you to connect using APIs.
  • IQDox provides access to a range of APIs but it is easy for users to create new connectors and leverage them in your integrations.
  • You can integrate to 3rd party databases via a range of connectors or create your own Custom Database within IQDox.
  • Integration with CSV and XLS file formats is standard, including wizards to create the data schema and build the maps to transform the CSV file into a different format.
  • The Management and Process Control of the files can be built into the Integration Workflows.
Twilio / SMS