Working as an Integration Platform

Your organization has a huge quantum of messages, transactions and documents that need to be communicated and transferred from one system to another, and from one format to another. Try IQDox – the user-friendly integration platform!

Your data may be in the form of orders, inventory list items, shipping notices, invoices and so on. Each of these may be in different formats, distributed across your business network. IQDox not only standardizes the data available in different formats for your processing convenience, it also integrates all of this data seamlessly into your ERP to be documented effectively.

How it Works

IQDox allows users to transfer information automatically, to and from various applications operated in different departments used for accounting, warehousing, sales order/bill creation and so on. It is possible to initiate this transfer between timed intervals or, whenever needed, through a single click action. IQDox integrates the various databases used by you, and assigns a direct link to each of these to make them easily accessible within the system.

With IQDox functioning as an integration platform, it uploads/downloads files, converts them from and to different formats automatically.

IQDox also acts as an integration platform for SAP/SBO. It receives documents in various formats from customers and suppliers, converts them in SAP/SBO formats using IQDox SAP/SBO connectors, and vice versa. It also synchronizes between SAP/SBO databases, facilitating a smooth workflow.


  • Integrates quickly with other tools that are used to manage back-end processes
  • Streamlines and automates a number of administrative and management tasks
  • Minimizes processing time to improve overall efficiency
  • Improves data security and maintains confidentiality
  • Reduces costs, saving resources for the business

As an integration platform, IQDox is helping a number of client companies with a variety of needs… seamlessly integrating with their systems and without disrupting processes that are already in place.