With a constant rise in demand for physical goods, logistics has become a competitive space. IQDox’s EDI solution provides you with the technological edge you need to stand out as an efficient third-party logistics provider.

Using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), it is easy to manage warehousing transactions efficiently. With IQDox, you can not only equip your customers to seamlessly manage EDI transactions but also help them track the real-time movement of goods across the supply chain. Our ready-to-use web EDI solution simplifies logistics management to a great extent by allowing customers to input their orders and pre-advice, define their SKUs, and view their stock status. It also makes your job easier by streamlining the warehousing transactions between you and your partners.

With our solution, your customers can get a bird’s eye view of the gaps in their complicated supply chain process which can expand to several functionalities across their organizations. You can give your customers the tools to manage shipping orders, make and confirm shipments and also track their contents, dispatches and receipts. As a third-party logistics provider offering IQDox as a warehousing solution, you can effectively reduce costs, increase the efficiency of warehouse management for your customers, and stand out from other service providers in the market!