Securing Digital Signatures

With a large number of digital documents coming in and going out of your company, especially in the form of digital invoices, contracts and orders, you need help authenticating them. IQDox secures these sensitive documents with digital signatures.

The digital filing of documents like contracts and invoices has become simple and efficient with the introduction of EDI. Signing these documents, however, comes with its own set of risks, the most dangerous being that electronic signatures can be forged.

This issue has encouraged several businesses to adopt digital signatures, which have become a de facto requirement in many nations.

With recent research studies showing that digitally-signed documents are far more secure than electronically or manually signed documents, we recommend all organizations use digital signatures.

Through IQDox’s robust architecture, we ensure that each document is properly authenticated and encrypted, for maximum security.

How it Works

A digital signature is unique to the organization or person(s) who owns it. It is created utilizing technology that combines both a private and a public keyword to authenticate it.

You are immediately notified in case of any attempt to tamper with the contents of a digitally-signed document, allowing you to take necessary action. Thus, IQDox takes care of creating, authenticating and verifying digitally-signed documents to protect the integrity of your documents and ensure that they are not misused.


  • Secures your e-invoices and contracts
  • Eliminates the need to print documents and scan signatures
  • Saves the time taken to otherwise sign all documents (manually or electronically)
  • Ensures greater security than manual signing of all documents
  • Offers a legally accepted and internationally recognized method to secure documents

With tamper-proof controls in place and industry best practices implemented, IQDox ensures maximum privacy and security of your data, and also keeps you audit-ready!