Organizing Digital Documentation

Extract raw data from invoices, create PDF artworks designed as per your standards, sign them digitally using the relevant certificates, distribute to customers online, update your ERP, and so on! If you try to do this manually, it can be quite the task. Use IQDox. A single solution for multiple requirements.

IQDox takes its task of reading, interpreting and converting data from/to different formats to the next level. In other words, IQDox helps you manage the barrage of digital documents that flow through your business!

How it Works

Once the raw data has been received, read and interpreted, IQDox provides users with the provision to create a suitable digital document to record and utilize the data needed.

Through this functionality, documents such as invoices, contracts and more can be easily designed without the need for design knowledge or advanced designing software. All it takes is a series of simple steps for documents to be created according to a preferred design. It can then be secured with an encrypted digital signature and saved as PDF documents for distribution to customers and updation of the SAP/SBO.

All of the above processes can be done by integrating to back office applications (such as SAP/SBO, Sage, etc.) through IQDox connectors.


  • Enables easy designing and distribution of documents
  • Secures documents through encryption and digital signatures
  • Integrates seamlessly to SAP/SBO through IQDox connectors
  • Creates a standard approach to format, utilize and store documents
  • Saves space and helps reduce unnecessary paperwork

Use IQDox to take care of your end-to-end digital documentation needs, from interpretation of raw data to distribution of designed documents.