Integrating with Marketplaces and Portals

You receive dozens of orders everyday through your online portal or marketplace. Do you manually retrieve orders and send invoices to each customer? No more! Integrate your marketplace with your back office and ERP using IQDox’s predefined marketplace and portal connectors.

If you own an e-commerce business, then scalability is of paramount importance to you. EDI is the most commonly used technology by online businesses to manage operations like order-payment-invoice integration and shipping and warehouse management. This ensures easy scalability of operations, while retaining the simplicity of ERP and back office management.

If your users have to be redirected to third-party websites for every action they have to perform on your site, in order to place an order with you, chances are they’re starting to get frustrated! Don’t allow your clients to look for easier alternatives.

Comprehensive integration of every component of your online business saves clients the time and effort they put into placing an order and making a payment with you.

How it Works

With IQDox, you get actionable solutions for you to manage and integrate your business operations in a single easy-to-use platform.

We understand that each business is unique, and that’s why our software comes with pre-built marketplace and portal connectors for customizability. In addition, our software is compliant with the strictest security standards so all your critical business data - and that of your clients - is safe.


  • Allows for straightforward setup for marketplace and ERP integration
  • Reduces redirection within the portal for your clients
  • Speeds up retrieval of information about orders and invoices
  • Allows for faster order execution

With IQDox, you can make sure that your online business operations are streamlined, error-free and fully connected.