When you have multiple billing sources in a single healthcare provider, it can be challenging to manage and maintain them all! Use a single HCCO-certified, HIPAA-compliant digital tool, which fully supports all HIPAA transactions. Use IQDox!

There are few industries which process and maintain quite as much documentation as the healthcare industry. Medical records. Healthcare claims. Insurance reimbursements. Report results. And, of course, invoices, requisitions and more!

Using paper forms in such a milieu is inefficient, cumbersome and inexpensive. Indeed, in the 20th Century, the very thought seems positively antiquated! Yet it was as recently as 1996 that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted. Before HIPAA, the industry was using over 400 forms for various requirements, all of different formats and most paper-based. It became quite challenging to protect this information, giving rise to privacy issues. It also meant that patients could not easily access their own healthcare records.

Today, healthcare data is transmitted via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocols, allowing the exchange of healthcare data that can be easily and securely processed and transferred by computers in a standard format.

Working with an efficient HIPAA-compliant healthcare EDI solutions provider, such as IQDox, can give healthcare providers a real boost in managing documentation and paperwork efficiency. EDI transactions in healthcare go far beyond simple email exchanges.