Extract raw data from invoices, create PDF artworks designed as per your standards, sign them digitally using the relevant certificates, distribute to customers online, update your ERP… if you try to do this manually, it can be quite the task! Use IQDox. A single solution for multiple requirements.

Financial and commercial enterprises depend on their ability to manage complex information flows between firm and client. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables the automation of these manual, strenuous paper-intensive processes, resulting in improved efficiency, speed and reduced costs.

The globalization of the financial supply chain has created interlinkages between partners across the world. When transactions take place across international boundaries, with different currencies, regulations and accounting practices – and file formats and communications protocols – EDI mitigates the complexities that inevitably arise.

Financial information flows in the direction opposite to the physical supply chain; opposite to the movement of goods and services being produced. With a range of documentation and financial standards that vary from nation to nation and between transactions, and which are constantly evolving, it’s important to work with an effective, responsive EDI platform.

EDI can help organizations electronically send and receive invoices and initiate payments. By eliminating paper in payables and receivables, businesses optimize their processes.

Work with IQDox to organize, streamline and deliver your commercial documentation digitally.