Design, Distribute and Automate the Creation of Digital Documents with IQDox

The last decade has been about the advent of transformative technologies and how they have made business operations a breeze to carry out. At IQDox, we give you high-end solutions which require minimum effort and also minimize the time required to handle complex operations like creating and maintaining digital documents. With IQDox you can easily and efficiently extract information from a document in one format and convert it into a digital document which can be shared with clients, employees or customers.

For example, consider the creation of an invoice. Normally, you would have to manually enter the details of each specific job and client, including company identification, in order to create custom invoices for every client.

Let us illustrate how simple this would be with IQDox.

To create a digital invoice with IQDox, all you need is an Excel sheet with all the necessary fields - Customer Name and ID, Bill Amount, Quantity of Products purchased and so on. For this example, we have created a CSV file with a couple of entries for a client. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Go to IQDox’s website. Sign Up if you are a new member or Login if you are already one.

Step 2: Once you are logged in, you will be taken to a dashboard from where you can start creating your digital document. To start the process, click ‘Create with Wizard’ under Workflows.

Step 3: In the Workflow Wizard, start by entering the description of your requirements. For our reference, let us use the wizard to create a CSV to PDF conversion. Enter the relevant details and click ‘Next’.

Step 4: In the next step, you can use the relevant IQDox Wizard to automatically create the schema. IQDox has several wizards for you to choose from, depending on your input type.

Since our report has to be created from a CSV file, let us go with the CSV Wizard.

Once you open the source schema wizard, you will be prompted to add the sample source file.

Click on ‘Browse’ and add your CSV file.

The Source Schema Wizard will automatically extract the column headers and match them with column numbers. Click on ‘Create Schema’.