IQDox for Mobile

IQDox Screens for mobile devices

Published: 16/12/2021

IQDox Azure implementation

IQDox is now available as a full cloud service on Azure.

Published: 28/07/2021

IQdox Topology and Case Studies

IQDox is offering a wide range of connectors, including core connectors like (s)FTP, AS2, REST APIs, market places connectors like Shopify, Amazon, etc... as well as application specific connectors like SAP Business One.

Published: 12/01/2020

How EDI can Transform Supply Chain Management

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows companies and their vendors, service providers, and clients to share business documents electronically in a standardized format. Its vast adaptability across several industries in the recent years goes out to show how much companies rely on EDI. Electronic Data Interchange efficiently offers the trifecta of being cost and resource effective, not requiring human intervention and being environmentally friendly. It is cost effective because repetitive processes like purchasing, printing and delivering of paper based documents are completely eliminated which would otherwise be time, cost and resource intensive. In the long term, EDI softwares also allows a company to be environmentally accountable by drastically reducing its carbon footprint.

Published: 21/01/2019

EDI in E Commerce - What, Why and How?

There was a time when emails transformed the way companies communicated with each other regarding important purchases and their corresponding documents. It broke the barriers that traditional methods of information exchange posed. It drastically reduced the amount of paperwork filed to process an order. However, the biggest advantage emails gave companies is that orders could be processed much faster than post based communication. Nevertheless, e-commerce companies wanted to improve upon emails as well. Because of this, Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, was born. It is a faster, more direct method of transferring documents and data between companies.

Published: 03/01/2019

Design, Distribute and Automate the Creation of Digital Documents with IQDox

The last decade has been about the advent of transformative technologies and how they have made business operations a breeze to carry out. At IQDox, we give you high-end solutions which require minimum effort and also minimize the time required to handle complex operations like creating and maintaining digital documents. With IQDox you can easily and efficiently extract information from a document in one format and convert it into a digital document which can be shared with clients, employees or customers.

Published: 03/01/2019