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  • Create digital invoices, reports and secure document exchanges using digital certificates.
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Upload, download and convert files from and to any format using IQDox Wizards

Integrate easily with SAP Business One

Deliver digital documents and embed security into your data

Connect to the leading marketplaces and eCommerce platforms

Are you a 3PL? Deploy IQDox for your warehouse customers

Exchange HL7/HIPAA messages with healthcare providers


Transaction Based Fees

  • IQDox is charged for on a transaction fee basis.
  • Ask us for a quote to give you an idea of how much it would cost your organization.

Only Pay When You're Connected
to Your Business Partners

  • There are no charges until you connect and exchange data between your organization and your business partners (or internal applications).


IQDox for Mobile

IQDox for Mobile is now available as part of our integration platform.

Published: 16/12/2021

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IQDox Azure implementation

IQDox is now available as a full cloud service on Azure.

Published: 28/07/2021

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IQdox Topology and Case Studies

IQDox is offering a wide range of connectors, including core connectors like (s)FTP, AS2, REST APIs, market places connectors like Shopify, Amazon, etc... as well as application specific connectors like SAP Business One.

Published: 12/01/2020

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Frequently asked questions

Please do not hesitate and contact us with any presale question about our products and solutions.

Yes, once you subscribe, you will automatically get access to a fully working environment which you can freely use for 30 days. After this period you can decide to continue and in this case you will be given an additional free period of 30 days for development.

IQDox can used as a client and as a server for FTP, sFTP, AS2 and MLLP (MLP). We also support SMTP, IMAP, SMS messages, web services and REST APIs.

You can download and install the IQDox Client which includes a build-in SAP/SBO connector. The orders will arrive to the cloud where they will be converted to SAP/SBO format and will wait until the client will download them and insert into SBO using the relevant DI object.

Assuming that your local accounting allows to extract the data by SQL statements or by simply creating some files, you can use the IQDox client for extracting the raw data and for sending it securely to the cloud. On the cloud, you can design sophisticated documents and use your raw data as the source data for these documents. You can also digitally sign the documents using your own certificate and send them to your customers as mail attachments, for example.

Yes, you can stop using the system at any time and you will not be charged anymore. Your company on the cloud will be still available for 30 days but after that it will be completely deleted.


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Organizations have large volumes of data and an ever-increasing demand to exchange a lot of this data with their business partners, government authorities and even between systems and groups within the organization. IQDox is designed to help simplify as much of this complexity as possible using connectors, wizards and a wide range of technical and industry standards. Why not try it and find out for yourself!